Intellectual Property Protection

VGFSoftware always pays the utmost attention to Intellectual Property (IP) protection, which has become indispensable to our long-term development strategy. Over the past 6 years, we have supported strong intellectual property protection and understand the vital importance of intellectual property to our customers’ business development. In VGFSoftware, IP does not just mean patents, trademarks and copyrights, but significantly, the processes, techniques, methodology and talent, focusing on secured software development and confidential outsourcing services.

In software outsourcing field, high level of knowledge sharing is essential between customer and provider. VGFSoftware is well aware of the importance of IP and effective management of related issues and utilizing all types of intellectual property protection. We have applied ISO 27000 series to make sure that your information is secured, safe and distributed to authorized person only.

VGFSoftware IP protection policy covers:

Electronic protection of intellectual property

  1. Use licensed software to ensure quality and legitimate software and website developments.
  2. Limit the number of people who have access to the full information
  3. Offshore team’s computers without floppy, CD ROM, USB drives and other removable media to reduce the risk of unauthorized access
  4. Use firewalls, VPN, encryption and other measures to prevent breaches of security in electronic environment
  5. Protect important information, such as source code, with passwords and access codes, and make sure that they are not widely available
  6. Maintain original copy of the source code
  7. Test data being used is neutral and does not reveal real information

Physical protection of intellectual property

  1. Development facilities dedicated to customer
  2. Entrance guard system
  3. 24×7 hour video surveillance system and security guard patrol
  4. Access is possible only by registered employees and only to divisions/rooms to which they are authorized access to
  5. Separate work zone if required
  6. Finger prints Check in and Check out

HR Security, recruitment verification

  1. Appropriate background verification checks for all candidates employment
  2. Concern the classification/sensitivity of the information to be accessed, and the perceived risks
  3. Care about all privacy, protection of personal data and other relevant employment legislation
  4. Process for identity verification, character references, CV verification, criminal and credit checks

Intellectual property protection training

As employees are the sources of most intellectual-property losses, often unintentionally, information security training and awareness enhancing are absolutely necessary to ensure that employees understand and take responsibility for their use of company information and resources.

We are always seeking ways of strengthening IP protection awareness of employees through induction training education, annual audits and ongoing training in security control requirements, responsibilities, and generally accepted security procedures, suitable to the person’s rules and responsibilities.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

The first step that VGFSoftware takes, to assure its customers of VGFSoftware commitment to protecting their IP, is the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). As an act of assurance that VGFSoftware will treat its customers’ intellectual property with the utmost care, it is VGFSoftware policy to sign an NDA with all its customers at the start of a business. This NDA sets out the rules and responsibilities of both parties, and is strictly followed by all QSoft Vietnam’s employees.

At VGFSoftware, your secret is our secret. Customers are guaranteed and assured of their information safety and privacy anytime they put it in the hand of VGFSoftware.

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